Endure a nerve racking ride into the deep, dark woods, and stumble to the entry of Schuster's Hauinted Forest

All tickets will be online timed tickets this year. 


Saturday, September 25th


Every Friday and Saturday in October


Bonus Thursday, October 28th

Fabric face coverings are REQUIRED for the duration of your Haunted Forest experience. 


2021 Tickets will be on sale in the fall.

The experience at Schuster’s is incredible. The attention to detail is fantastic, and the setting in the woods is very appropriate. The pacing and mood that is set, keeps you on your toes throughout the event; you never know where the next ‘terror’ will occur. The lighting, sound effects, number of interiors is a perfect blend. The length of the experience is just about right. What makes this even better is the setting around the event; hot cider, gift shop, candy apples, etc. It’s nice to be able to sit a bit, before or after the event.
                      -Joe from Haunted Wisconsin